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new Hidden Laughter entry

Called by hand. About how unaccommodating we are. Um, kind of.


Totally OT, but I have an AlphaSmart! It is, apparently, all the rage among writers, and especially parent-writers, who can lug it around more easily than a laptop, and who have to grab five minutes here and five minutes there to get their creative work done. The thing is indestructible, and I love it.

But the point is, most of the time people look at it when I pull it out with bafflement. What IS that thing? When they don't, when they instead simply ask me why I have one, it's almost exclusively because they have a special needs kid, and I end up having a great conversation with them. Amazing the way lives and paths cross.

Good call Tamar. What a challenge knowing when to push and when to ease off! I hope I can be as intuitive making the decisions for my kids. I'm glad you are posting again. It makes me feel like we're better in touch.
Love to Dan & Damian.