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rush rush rush

Going into the city today. Catch the 8:15? No, I'm exhausted, need to sleep. Make it later, make it much later. Have to be in Brooklyn by noon. Wonder if the woman I'm meeting remembers I'm meeting her. Wonder if I should call. Wonder what I'll do if she forgot. Wander around the Heights in 25 degree weather? Winter, god, yes, winter. It does get cold, doesn’t it? Need hat. Miss earmuffs. Rabbit fur earmuffs, bought on the NY street 20 years ago, snapped in half the first time I tried wearing them this winter, currently in use as a cat toy.

Focus. Must get ready to go. Must go. Call Dad. Dad in rehab. Dad is busy this afternoon. How can you be busy in rehab? (Answer: work by phone.) Call Dad's assistant. Rush rush rush.

Meeting Chris on the uptown side of the subway station, north end. I forgot what it's like in the city: meet at the Washington Square Arch, meet at Coliseum Books, meet at the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park, meet in the subway station. Among the hordes rushing toward you, one is the person you want to see, expect to see, filtering out the crowds. But the crowds are so interesting, their faces expressive even when they don't know it.

Meeting Dan downtown, Dan driving into the city, work that out, confer by cell phone, "I’m at 23rd Street, where are you?"

Meet up, meet down, meet all around.

Pack. Gotta pack. Staying overnight with Dan's folks. Damian's PJs, Damian's cuddle frog, toothbrushes, what else? Can't forget gummy vitamins.

Must go. Running late. Must catch the train. Train into the city. Commuter train. Commuter Tamar. Rush rush rush, then settle in with a book and my iPod, the train rushing for me down the track toward Broad Street, Newark, Secaucus Junction, then into the tunnel and emerging into the bigness of my city.

Must go.

Catch you later. See you at Columbus Circle, the big globe, know where that is? See you later, see you soon, catch you on the other end.


I haven't been running-around busy in an age.