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me, a tour guide

I keep mulling over the existence of this blog. Missing writing here, not missing it, missing it again, wondering what form it should take if I do continue with it.

Feh. If I have something to write, I'll write it. Hope you guys stick around!

I led two school tours this morning, took groups of parents around Damian's school. "Here's the gym, here's the Spanish class, hi Damian, here's the recess yard, no, I don't know if they have fruit in the school lunches, yes, all the kindergarten classes do have building blocks." Kind of fun. Very odd. I toured this school in late June, now it's February 1 and I'm giving a tour? How can I possibly know enough to be a guide to this so-important decision process? But the PTA sent out a desperate call for parents and I'm a parent and I love the school and I'm home working and really, I need to be out and about and among and why not?

It was kind of cool. Also interesting to see what people think is important for their kids. Everyone wanted to know how the children spend recess on inclement/freezing cold days and if the kids get their choice of foreign language and if there were bathrooms in the kindergarten classes. But nobody asked about the academics, nobody wanted to know about the teaching philosophy. Nobody asked about the emotional tenor of the school. The subject of bullying never came up.

Is it that they're parents of preschool-aged children? Or am I influenced by who my child is? I want to know about academics because I want to make sure he's stimulated in class, that he will continue to love learning. I want to know about the social environment because he can still be so tentative. Do I really see things so differently from other parents?