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cocoa the dapper

So this is why I started to blog again. Because where else can I show off the sublime and the ridiculous?

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in the armchair, laptop appropriately enough in my lap, working on my novel. I heard a rustling noise. It was coming from the basket by the coat rack, the one where we stash scarves and mittens and earmuffs. Cocoa was in there, digging around for who knows what. I shrugged, amused at cat priorities, and turned back to my writing.

A few minutes later I caught a glimpse of pale blue sauntering -- yes, sauntering -- across the floor.

Seems Cocoa had some sartorial aspirations in mind when he pilfered the basket:

dressed for success

(For more cat pictures in a more artistic vein, check out the images I posted today on Flickr, starting here.)


I did something like this a few weeks ago. I called it the post-Christmas tummy-trimmer. I swear, it works brilliantly.

Glad to see you are back. Enjoyed your blog in the past.