February 02, 2006

sunrise over Manhattan

I don't usually wake up early enough to see the sunrise. I'm glad I did yesterday. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my camera, and walked out my door, across my driveway, up a tiny hillock on the property, and took some pictures. Ain't it pretty?

sunrise over the city

November 18, 2005

Jessie moves in

Jessie has been here very nearly a week. We locked her in our bedroom for the first couple of days. She cuddled with us on the bed and got very comfortable in there. Only problem? She started claiming it as her turf, and when we let her out into the rest of the house, she got angry at Cocoa when he ventured into the room she'd just left. Same with the armchair in the living room, it's her turf and she huffs at him when he comes too close. Territorial little thing.

Cocoa's perturbed by her noisy outbursts, nervous and wary, but not undaunted. He periodically ventures close, they make eye contact for a long beat, two statues, one black and one white, and then someone breaks the tableau and saunters off.

I think it'll be okay. May take a while before they're friends, but I think they'll get there.

In the meantime, here are more pictures of our new little lady. And, TC, you're right, she's not yet a longhair. By the time she's two, maybe three, she will be.




November 07, 2005

autumn woods

I find myself temporarily without words. So instead I'll give you some pictures from our walk through South Mountain Reservation on Saturday:





October 25, 2005

country and city

On Sunday we went for a hike in the woods of Bergen County, about half an hour's drive from here. The leaves are finally beginning to change:




Yesterday, Monday, I went into Manhattan on my own. Naturally, I brought my camera:





I like this more than I'd have guessed, living in this betwixt and between town. Country and city both within easy reach.